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Jesus came into Galilee to proclaim the Gospel. It is the Gospel of God. Jesus begins his preaching only after John had been put in prison. Did the time of fulfillment began with the arrest of John or did it begin with the arrival of Jesus to Galilee?

Time of fulfillment began with the arrival of Jesus in Galilee (in a historical, geographical, and temporal context). And the time of fulfillment began with the preaching of the gospel of God (divine context). It was Jesus, who is both God and man, could only initiate this proclamation.

கடவுளின் நற்செய்தியைப் பறைசாற்ற இயேசு ஒருவரால் தான் கூடும். (மனித நற்செய்தியை மனிதர்கள் பறைசாற்றலாம்) ஆனால் இயேசு போதித்தது கடவுளின் நற்செய்தி. இறைமனிதனான இயேசு ஒருவர்தான் கடவுளின் நற்செய்தியை கால> இட> வரலாற்றுச் சூழலுக்குள் கொண்டுவர முடியும்.


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No one was prevented from meeting Jesus or listening to him. The crowd flocked to him. He welcomed them and answered each one according to his need. He was ready to forgo his meal. Those who were engaged in the works of God can easily bear with any inconveniences. They will not miss an opportunity of doing good.

The prophets were called mad people (2 Ki. 9:11). Since Jesus was doing the work of the kingdom and some of the people thought that he was a prophet and so like the prophets of old he was also mad in his dealings. In the context it could also mean that because he was not having his regular meal he would faint and his health would be in danger.

இயேசு ஒரு இறைவாக்கினர் என்று எல்லாரும் நம்பி வந்தார்கள். இறைவாக்கினர்களை மதிமயங்கியவர்கள் என்று கருதினார்கள் (இந்தப் பைத்தியக்காரன் உன்னிடம் வந்தது ஏன்?” 2 அர 9:11). இயேசு உணவு உண்ணாது பணிசெய்து கொண்டிருப்பதால் மயங்கிவிடுவார் என்றும் கருதியிருக்கலாம்.

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