02.06.2019 — His blessings strengthened them

Ascension of the Lord – 02.06.2019 – Gospel: Luke: 24,46-53 His Blessings strengthened them
Before entering the glory of the Father, the last parting gesture of Jesus to his beloved disciples is one of blessing. The aspect of blessing is stressed at the end of the liturgical celebrations in the temple. The priest comes out of the holy place and pronounces a solemn blessing on the faithful gathered for prayer (Sir 50,20). After the blessing they returned to their jobs, confident that the Lord would bring to completion all their efforts and all their hard work. The blessing of Jesus accompanies the community of his disciples. And it is the promise and guarantee of the full success of the work, which is about to begin. Jesus did not go away in displeasure, but in love, he left a blessing behind him. It is a blessing of protection and guidance of triune God, in dangers, trials, and conflicts which every believer meets in this sinful and miserable world. Now as they saw him ascend above by his own power, they worshipped him, they returned to Jerusalem with great joy. The glory of Christ is the joy of all true believers, even while they are here in this world, and while they are awaiting God’s promises. The disciples courageously and confidently face every trials of faith with his blessings.