06.06.2021 — Dwelling In Liminal Space

Most Holy Body & Blood of Christ, Sunday – 06th June 2021 — Gospel: Mark 14,12-16.22-26

Dwelling in Liminal Space

Jesus realized the power of remembering, re-enacting and making present again.  In recalling the celebration of the Lord’s Supper we are once again reminded of, and are taken back to be present with Jesus and his disciples of the “liminal space,” a space which God creates using the concrete elements with a word of Promise, in order to meet us, feed us, forgive us, and bring us together. Most importantly, only in this space or place, where we encounter the living God  – not only to meet, and know, but to be transformed by Jesus Christ. And in this space, we enter into a New Covenant relationship between the “multitude” and God, which is made possible by Jesus Christ.

The Lord’s Supper is beautifully outlined in the three words: 1) He took – humanity upon Himself; 2) He broke – He was about to be broken on the cross; 3) He gave – He gave himself for humanity. In this way, Jesus institutes a way for His disciples to remember and re-enact what He will do on the next day by His suffering and death on the cross. He offers the gift of salvation through His giving of His Body and Blood both sacramentally in the Eucharist and in reality on the cross. The bread signified His body given, the cup His blood shed. By His blood He ratified the New Covenant. That is, by His death on the cross, Jesus fulfilled the old covenant and established a New Covenant (Heb. chs. 9-10). The old covenant was ratified with the blood of animal sacrifices, but the New Covenant was ratified by the blood of God’s Son. For the New Covenant takes away our sins and cleanses the heart and conscience of the believers.

St.Augustine taught in the Eucharist, “Behold the mystery of your salvation laid out for you; behold what you are, become what you receive.” When we eat regular food, it is transformed and becomes part of us. But in a mysterious way, when we consume Jesus’ body in the Eucharist, it does not become our flesh; in fact, we are transformed into Him. We become like Jesus, not the other way around. Pope Benedict XVI said, “The Body and Blood of Christ are given to us so that we ourselves will be transformed in our turn. We are to become the Body of Christ, His own flesh and blood.” We become living tabernacles of His presence. Like Mary carrying Christ in her womb to love and serve Elizabeth (Lk 1,39).