11.09.2021 — Invitation to Do

23rd Week in Ord. Time, Saturday – 11th September 2021 — Gospel:               Lk 6,43-49

Invitation to Do

Jesus concludes the Sermon on the Plain with powerful agricultural and architectural images.  These images describe the relationship we’re supposed to have with Jesus and the consequences that will have in our life.  We’re called to root ourselves in him and build ourselves upon him, to draw our life from him and make him the foundation of our life. Jesus wants us to be united with him as branches on the vine, promising that when we become with him a “good tree” we will bear “good fruit” through “the store of goodness in our heart”. Likewise, when we build our life on him like a wise master builder, then we will be able together with him to resist the storms of life. It is an exhortation from Jesus to his listeners not merely ‘to say’, but rather ‘to do’. The danger is that we will call upon Jesus as “Lord, Lord!” but not build our existence on him. However, Jesus invites us to build our whole life on hearing and living His Word, letting it become the treasure of our heart and letting that treasure overflow into all our actions.