24.11.2020 — Abiding Assurance of Father’s Love

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34th Week in Ord. Time, Tuesday – 24th November 2020 — Gospel:  Lk 21,5-11

Abiding Assurance of Father’s Love

To his list of occurrences that precede the end of the world, Jesus names a long list of problems that sound all too familiar to us: earthquakes, famines, and plagues, wars, and the overthrow of what seems so powerful. There is nothing particularly specific about Jesus’ predictions here. We will misread 21,7-11 if we think Jesus is describing a specific set of calamities. Every age has its own false prophets, wars, natural catastrophes, and so on. However, his council in the face of this upheaval is brief: “Do not be terrified.” The believers should keep their trust in God even when facing the most challenging of circumstances. When the existing state of affairs seems to be deteriorating and conflict is sweeping peace way; when disaster and rumor are headlines, how are we not to fear? Heeding Jesus command requires discipline, practice, self-control, and especially, a deep, abiding assurance of the Father’s love. In the midst of these dreadful events, the disciples should not be terrified and think that they indicate the end of the world. Instead, we should trust that God remains present in our lives.

23.11.2020 — Offer not Gifts, but Oneself

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34th Week in Ord. Time, Monday – 23rd November 2020 — Gospel:  Lk 21,1-4

Offer not Gifts, but Oneself

Jesus brings to notice the offering made by the poor widow. He compares her offering to be greater than the offering made by the rich people. She gives from all that she has unlike the rich who have enough and surplus to offer. The rich contributed gifts, the poor widow contributed herself. The core aspect is the attitude of offering. When we give from what little we have, we experience great happiness. Jesus indicates that generosity is not quantifiable. It does not count how much and how big you give, but it counts how and what you give. The poor widow gives a perfect example of detachment and total reliance on the divine providence of God. Her undying trust in God shows her relationship with God as the number one priority in her life. She has been willing to give all she has on which to live, because she believes that God will take care of her. She was cheerful when she made the offering. She teaches that our possessions and those, which in some way we have made our own, are not for us. We have them so that we might give them, and we should give them back to God, for they are his. We give them to others as an expression of our love for God. Our attitude of generosity is not measured by the size of our pockets but by what comes from our heart.

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