15.01.2017 WITNESS


John the Baptist knew (he did not know but the one sent him to baptize told him so) that Jesus existed before him. At the first sight, as Jesus was approaching him, he made the statement about Jesus. And the statement speaks about Jesus and his existence. Jesus existed before John the Baptist, though he came for the mission. Order of the arrival did not reveal the order of existence and status. Jesus was ranked higher than John the Baptist and this came out of the mouth of John the Baptist himself.

John the Baptist saw the Spirit coming down upon him like a dove and remained with Jesus. John the Baptist received in revelation who Jesus was and he had also witnessed for himself what had happened. What had happened or what he had seen was the proof for what was revealed to him.

John the Baptist testified that Jesus was the one who would baptize with the Holy Spirit. This itself, was a revealed truth. John the Baptist received in revelation who Jesus was and what his activity would be. To this fact he became the witness. Jesus is a man of God and a man from God and he is God himself and he had come to do the work of God with Spirit.

திருமுழுக்கு யோவான் சாட்சியாக வாழ்ந்தார். அவருக்கு வெளிப்படுத்தப்பட்டதையும் அவர் கண்டதையும் சாட்சியாக கூறுகிறார். இந்த சாட்சியம் இயேசுவின் வாழ்வைப்பற்றியும் அவரது பணியைப்பற்றியதுமாகும்.