04.12.2019 — Salvific sign for all creation

1st week of Advent, Wednesday – 04th December 2019 — Gospel: Mt 15,29-37

Salvific sign for all creation

Jesus continues his healing activity as Israel’s Messiah (11,2-5; 14,14) along with his feeding the crowd. Jesus not only runs a hospital (15,29-31); he runs a kitchen, too (15,32-37). The evangelist sets both these on the mountain, to show explicitly that Jesus’ action recalls the messianic hopes of Israel on Mount Zion (Is 25,6-10). This messianic banquet, which includes the symbolism ‘seven’ (loaves & baskets) welcomes all people. Here Matthew plays with a symbolic seven that designates the Gentile church, rather than with twelve, that are found in the earlier account (14,13-21). The twelve reminds of the whole of Israel and the seven refers to the fullness of creation. While Jesus is God’s manna for the hungry, he offers himself every day to everyone as a salvific sign, so that all will be healed, fed and satisfied completely.