11.12.2019 — Learn from my meekness

2nd week of Advent, Wednesday – 11th December 2019 — Gospel: Mt 11,28-30

Learn from my meekness

When Jesus says ‘learn from me’, he tells us that he is meek and humble of heart. Further he invites us that we should learn the way of Sonship from him. Meekness is defined as being righteous, humble, teachable, and patient under suffering, and willing to follow gospel teachings. We find these attributes in Jesus when we read the Gospels. In reading and reflecting the Gospels, we are not only invited to learn something about Jesus of his nature, but we are urged to learn something for our own lives too: how to follow him. As one who is meek and humble of heart Jesus personified the first two beatitudes which address the ‘poor in spirit’ and the ‘meek’ (5,3-4). Indeed he expresses visibly in his life, not just the first two beatitudes but all the beatitudes, the whole Sermon on the Mount that lay down the guidelines for Christian discipleship. Through meekness Jesus teaches us to learn from him what it means to be the Son, and so share in the intimate union with the Father to which he invites us.