13.12.2019 — Pay heed to Wisdom

2nd week of Advent, Friday – 13th December 2019 — Gospel: Mt 11,16-19

Pay heed to Wisdom

Jesus complains that his contemporaries have not listened and decided wisely. Evangelists’ final remark makes it clear, that God’s wisdom is demonstrated in the actions of John, and more especially in the actions of Jesus the Messiah. If they continue to reject the salvation being offered, they must know that they are rejecting God’s providential design. Thus these contemporaries, who are self-willed, inconsistent, and never satisfied, have chosen to stay outside God’s chosen people, for they lack genuine wisdom. Yet, in the face of this widespread rejection and apparent failure, God will see Jesus being justified. Apparently, here ‘wisdom’ refers to God’s plan of salvation; but the reference is also to Jesus, who is the incarnation and embodiment of God’s wisdom. For He is God’s emissary sent to reveal God’s ways. To reject Him is to reject God (10,33). His deeds disclose his identity to those few (9,37) who can discern it (11,2-6). Certainly those who listen to and pay heed to wisdom will find life and favour from the Lord (Prov 8,32-9,6).