04.01.2020 — Seeing in Faith

Christmas Weekday, Saturday – 04th January 2020 — Gospel: John 1,35-42

Seeing in Faith

Two of John the Baptist’s disciples left him and they followed Jesus. Jesus asked them ‘what do they want?’ from him. However the two disciples did not answer Jesus’ question; but they asked him where he was staying. Jesus invited them to ‘come and see’. This second aspect of ‘seeing’ is related to great statements of faith in the Gospel of John. Many persons have seen in Jesus, the Christ, which is the ultimate theme in John’s Gospel. The blind man receives his sight from Jesus. The women at the well receives her life back in seeing Jesus. Thomas sees and believes after having seen the person and wounds of Jesus. In fishing, Peter who caught nothing throughout night, catches a boat-load after seeing Jesus at the daybreak. In this way, John’s whole Gospel highlights this theme of seeing enough of the ‘light’, so as to walk in it or follow Jesus. The first two disciples accepted Jesus’s invitation to ‘come and see’. They not only stayed with Him but brought their own brothers to follow Jesus.