06.01.2020 — Dawn of a new age

Christmas Weekday, Monday – 06th January 2020 — Gospel: Matthew 4,12-17.23-25

Dawn of a new age

Isaiah prophesies about the arrival of the reign of God in the world of darkness and disintegration. In the gospel, Jesus expresses that Isaiah’s prophesy is being fulfilled in and through his ministry. He reveals himself as the Saviour sent by the Father for the salvation of the world. His name means “God saves”. The salvation that Jesus brings is universal; its only prerequisite is repentance. To deny Jesus is to forfeit salvation. Jesus calls all men and women to turn away from their sinful life and to prepare themselves for the kingdom of God. Through the healing and the casting out of the demons the dawning of the new age are manifested. So we need to repent of our sinful nature and embrace his kingdom through mercy, justice and faithfulness. His kingdom aims at transforming human relationships and grows to offer love, forgiveness and service to one another.