27.01.2020 — Attitude of defiance against God

Week 3 of Ordinary Time, Monday – 27th January 2020 — Gospel: Mark 3,22-30

Attitude of defiance against God

Jesus meets with opposition again, and this time from his own folk who think that he is mentally deranged. More than the healings of Jesus, the exorcisms unsettled the Pharisees and the teachers of the law. Jesus has already made several inroads into the realm of Satan proving that he is really the stronger one. The teachers of the Law even go to the extent of saying that he is in league with satanic powers. Yet these are the very powers which he is destroying. The religious authorities travelled from Jerusalem to see Jesus for themselves. They too had deliberately refused to acknowledge that the good works Jesus was manifesting among the people were from God. Because of jealousy, they had rejected the spirit of God that was at work in Jesus Christ. They attribute good work of Jesus to the Devil. They deliberately instigate opposition against him in spite of clear evidence regarding the divine character of his ministry.  Their attitude is one of defiance against God, and hence a sin against the Holy Spirit. Such blatant wickedness does not deserve any forgiveness.