04.02.2020 — Woman, who triggered Jesus’ power

Week 4 of Ordinary Time, Tuesday – 4th February — Gospel: Mark 5,21-43

Woman, who triggered Jesus’ power

The afflicted woman in this episode is a model for approaching Jesus. Mark notes that this woman had “heard about Jesus”, and he became her last resort. While crowds of people were bumping into him as he walked along, she desired to touch him in order to get healing. She dared to imagine and accomplish what no one else would do. Her faith brought her into living contact with Jesus, and as a result she experienced a dramatic healing, both physical and spiritual. She triggered Jesus to react differently in front of the crowds. She never expected this outcome either. While she expected a healing that would go unnoticed in the crowds, Jesus publicly makes known the power that had flown out of him. The difference between the crowds and the woman is her dire need and her experience of hopelessness. At the end real faith and trust in God leads one to surrender completely.