07.02.2020 — Justice denied

Week 4 of Ordinary Time, Friday – 7th February — Gospel: Mark 6,14-29

Justice denied

In today’s gospel, King Herod is caught between his promise and justice. During Herod’s birthday celebration Herodias’ daughter performed a dance for his guests. He was carried away by his emotions and in haste made a promise to the daughter of Herodias. He promised her anything, even ready to give half of his kingdom. This promise was manipulated by Herodias who had a grudge against John the Baptist. Through her daughter, Herodias straightaway demanded the head of John the Baptist on a platter. Herod could have firmly refused even to the extent of breaking his ill-made and hasty promise, since it demanded the life of another person. However he failed. To please all those who were around him, he compromised justice for his promise. In keeping promises we prove our trustworthiness. However, our promises should neither be manipulated, nor should violate the life and freedom of others.