24.02.2020 — Nurture your prayer

Week 7 of Ordinary Time, Monday – 24th February — Gospel: Mark 9,14-29

Nurture your prayer

Earlier the disciples were given the power by Jesus to cast out demons when he sent them on mission. On their return they also had an enriching sharing on how they exercised this power. But later, someone asked them to heal a boy with an unclean spirit. Unfortunately the disciples could not do it. When asked by his disciples why they were not able to cure the boy, Jesus points out to prayer and fasting as instruments that must be used when we need something from God. He also emphasizes their dependency on him with this question: “How long am I to be with you?” Through this question Jesus challenges his disciples to grow independently of themselves for they have the ability to perform his mission. Jesus never takes the gifts and the power which he has given to his disciples. In fact Jesus says that those who have will be given more. If the disciples are not able to cast out demon that means they themselves lost the power given to them. Any gift that is received from Jesus must be nurtured with prayer and faith.