29.02.2020 — Repented to be transformed

Saturday after Ash Wednesday — 29th February 2020 — Lk 5,27-32

Repented to be transformed

Jesus shows his forgiveness and full acceptance of Levi into his kingdom by eating with him.  Levi responded by leaving everything behind and following him. In the paradoxical sayings (5,31-32) Jesus excludes the ‘just’ from his mission. How could Jesus say that he did not come for the righteous? St.Paul says, in reality all have sinned and have fallen short of the glory of God (Rom 3,23). Jesus Christ is the only righteous one. Therefore all men need to repent. They must completely abandon and turn from their old way of life. The mission for which Jesus was sent by the Father, was to redeem those who repent and recognize themselves as sinners and hence in need of salvation. Jesus calling ‘to follow him’ is a creative word that restores everyone to himself and brings him back to the presence of him. The scribes and Pharisees, who considered themselves righteous, refused the salvation brought by Jesus. While Levi, a materialistic and reviled opportunist, was transformed into one of the great exponents of the gospel of Christ.