08.05.2020 — Truthful assurances

4th week in Easter Time, Friday – 8th May 2020 — Gospel: Jn 14,1-6

Truthful assurances

In this farewell discourse, Jesus comforts his disciples by sharing three truths. 1) Death and departure from this world are real. We must face this reality of death honestly. When we accept death, healing begins to take place and anxiety is dropped.  For a believer, death means being in glory with Christ. 2) Heaven is real. It is a real place, a prepared place and a perfect place. It is our Father’s household.  3) Salvation is real. Christ is the only way to heaven. Faith is the only way to be saved. Therefore, Jesus invites the disciples to have fundamental relationship of trust and belief in him (4,1). He is not abandoning them, rather he is returning to his Father. In speaking of his ascension to the Father, Jesus assures his disciples that this is also their destination. There are many dwellings in his Father’s house, and he goes to prepare a place for them, so that they will be with him and dwell with him in his intimate relationship with the Father (4,2-3).