19.05.2020 — Spirit elucidates deeper realities

6th week in Easter Time, Tuesday – 19th May 2020 — Gospel: Jn 16,5-11

Spirit elucidates deeper realities

Jesus characterizes Spirit’s witness in three specific contents:  to “prove” all the world about “sin,” “righteousness,” and “judgment” (16,8). The Spirit speaks only about the oneness of the identity and mission of the Father and the Son. First, Jesus says “sin” has to do with the matter of belief. The Spirit teaches us that sin at its heart is not a matter of actions or morality, but it has to do with whether and how we will receive and believe in the Son sent by God. Sin stands exposed precisely at the opportune moment of decision between faith and unbelief. The Spirit’s role is to bring awareness of Jesus presence in us and help us to make right decision at the moment of crisis in faith. Second, Jesus says, the Spirit convinces us about “righteousness”, which has to do with Jesus returning to the Father. Righteousness has to do with Jesus’ testimony that all that the Father has given him to do has been accomplished in his death and resurrection. God’s righteousness has been made known in God’s love and sending of the Son. Now the Spirit will be present to affirm this truth to the community of disciples. Third, Jesus says, the Spirit convinces us about judgment. Judgment is precisely the actions of the Trinity in this world that has been condemned. Judgment has to do with all those who would not believe in God’s love that was shown in sending his Son, to those who refuse to believe in the abundant life the Son has chosen to share with and for whom he has given his life as the good shepherd by laying down his life for his sheep. Now the Spirit continually comes to renew this promise of salvation. Thus the Spirit functions in us and in the world not only to bring recognition, but also the deeper meaning and reality of the fulfillment of Son’s mission.