23.05.2020 — God’s sovereign plan of Salvation

6th week in Easter Time, Saturday – 23rd May 2020 — Gospel: Jn 16,23b-28

God’s sovereign plan of Salvation

Jesus briefly summarizes God’s sovereign plan of salvation in Jn 16,28, where in our great movement of salvation is highlighted. It is a twofold movement, from heaven to earth and back again. Jesus’ heavenly origin is important; otherwise He could not be the Saviour of humanity. At the same time, His heavenly destination is also important; for it bears witness to the believers of the Father’s seal on the Son’s saving work. “I came from the Father,” points to Jesus’ eternal glory with the Father before the world began (17,5; 1,1; 3,13). “I have come into the world” refers to Jesus’ purpose of coming into the world, i.e., to reveal the Father to the humanity (5,19; 8,38.40; 14,24).  “I am leaving the world again” points to the way Jesus left the world; it was the way of the cross, that was his destiny which he embraced voluntarily (10,17-18; 3,14). “I am going to the Father” highlights His resurrection from the dead and His ascension into Heaven. From start to finish, our salvation does not depend on our perfection, but rather on God’s sovereign love and grace manifested through his Son, Jesus Christ.