27.05.2020 — Mutual oneness in giving

7th week in Easter Time, Wednesday – 27thMay 2020 — Gospel: Jn 17,11b-19

Mutual oneness in giving

The simple Greek word kathos is variously translated as “so”, “as”, “just as”. “Just as” is a key theme in John’s theology, (appears 31 times in the gospel) which reveals about the mutual relationship of Father, Son, and disciples. “Just as the Father has loved me …” (15,9), “… just as I have loved you” (15,12). Here both the Father and the Son are “givers” and their mutual giving constitutes the grace. In the action of “giving”, the Father and the Son reveal once again their oneness that is expressed in “Just as” theology. As the Father does, so does the Son. As the Father is a giver, so the Son imitates the Father in his giving. Two significant things are “given” by the Son and the Father.  First, the followers of Jesus know themselves as belonging to Jesus. To know oneself as belonging to Jesus is to come to know the Father’s and the Son’s essential nature and purpose. The believer or those who belong to Jesus inherit the mutual extravaganza of their giving. The second thing that has been given is the knowledge of God’s name (17,6.11-12). God’s “name” stands for all that God is and has done, most importantly in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. To know that name is to have one’s life constituted and sustained in the power of that name – to be protected and guarded in that name (17,11-12).