30.05.2020 — Testimony to the truth

7th week in Easter Time, Saturday – 30th May 2020 — Gospel: Jn 21,20-25

Testimony to truth

The beloved disciple closes the gospel with a signature verse, verifying himself as eyewitness to the life of Jesus as well as the author of the gospel (21,24). As the apostle assures of his eyewitness account of blood and water coming out of Jesus’ side after the soldier thrust in his spear (19,35), here, John is testifying to his truthfulness. He testifies to his written words that they are “the gospel truth.” He wants us to believe his testimony and put our faith in Jesus Christ.  His testimony is “true” not only because of his closeness to Jesus throughout his earthly ministry, but because his testimony concerns Jesus, who is truth itself (14,6). It is “testimony” not only because it comes from an eyewitness, but because the “Spirit of truth” testifies to Jesus (15,26). In the next verse, he directs attention to Jesus himself (21,25). John considers his own work as only a small fraction of all the honours due to Jesus Christ. For neither his testimony (of the beloved disciple) nor the words of the gospel are sufficient to contain the fullness of who Jesus is.  For Jesus is the Word made flesh, who is forever the way, the truth and the life.