07.06.2020 — Heart of the Gospel

Trinity Sunday, – 7th June 2020 — Gospel: Jn 3,16-18

Heart of the Gospel

John 3,16 becomes the culmination of Jesus’ response to Nicodemus and people like him, wishing to come to know, to understand and to believe in Jesus. This verse is not about how much God loved the world. It is about in what way God loved this world. This verse brings together the Gospel’s first references ‘to eternal life’ and ‘to love.’  This first reference to love is not for the Son or for Jesus’ followers, but for the world. God deeply loved the world that He created, and longs for this creation to bubble with life. It is not only God’s own people whom God will save, but the whole cosmos that he loves, precisely by giving his only son. Therefore, the purpose of God sending his Son was to save the world, to grant eternal life because God loved the world.

When we are sure of knowing Jesus and inheriting his love (or the Trinity), then we are reborn like Nicodemus, born anew into eternal life. It is a gift of life from the heart of the Father, breathing of the Spirit in and through us, and opening our eyes to the Son, our Teacher, who draws all people unto himself and to his love.

Martin Luther called Jn 3,16 as “Heart of the Bible – the Gospel in miniature.” This verse condenses the deep and marvelous truths of redemption. [The following description is from an unknown source]

  • “God”                                      –           The greatest lover
  • “so loved”                               –           The greatest degree
  • “the world”                             –           The greatest number
  • “that He gave”                        –           The greatest act
  • “His only begotten Son”       –           The greatest gift
  • “that whosoever”                   –           The greatest invitation
  • “believes”                               –           The greatest simplicity
  • “in Him”                                  –           The greatest person
  • “should not perish”                –           The greatest deliverance
  • “but”                                       –           The greatest difference
  • “have”                                     –           The greatest certainty  
  • “everlasting life”                    –           The greatest possession