11.06.2020 — Private reconciliation or public shame

10th Week in Ord. Time, Thursday – 11th June 2020 — Gospel: Mt 5,20-26

Private reconciliation or public shame

Jesus applies two illustrations concerning murder, the first reference to the Ten Commandments.  In the first, we are on our way to the church, and in the second, we are on our way to court. On the way to church, where you will present your offering, you realize that your brother has something against you. Here Jesus goes from the act to the motive, and places importance towards the other who is angry with us. Jesus says we are to seek that person out in order to get reconciled with him privately. Peter points out that if you are at odds with one another in marital relationships, you will find it very difficult to engage in worship and prayer (1 Pet 3,7b).  On the way to court, Jesus illustrates the legalists who love to put others in public shame. The court law never solves the problem of the heart. Going to court doesn’t facilitate reconciliation, even though it may declare one as guilty or innocent. To avoid murder, deal with anger, and do this privately by seeking reconciliation, not by publically seeking vindication in court.