18.06.2020 — Prayer is significant relationship

11th Week in Ord. Time, Thursday – 18th June 2020 — Gospel: Mt 6,7-15

Prayer is significant relationship

Jesus cautions his disciples to avoid the Gentiles attitude to prayer: babblings in prayer or repeated chanting of words or non-sense syllables. Their prayers contained impersonal ritualistic practices and considered to manipulate spiritual forces and entities (like the prophets of Baal 1Kgs 18,26-29). The Gentiles are compared here because they did not worship the true God. Prayer for them wasn’t about a relationship with God. It was simply a transaction with a higher power. In contrast to this, Jesus instructs his disciples to address their prayers to a loving Father. By praying to our Father, we enter into a family relationship that is more significant than we could imagine. We can come before him glad, sad or desperate, and he will be there to comfort us. Jesus also shares another great truth that our Father loves to give his children all what they need. Because we are part of His life, He anticipates all what we need. As Father, He loves us and we honour Him. He protects, and we abide. He provides, and we give thanks. He instructs, and we follow. He disciplines, and we mature. He touches, and we respond. He commands, and we obey.