20.06.2020 — Learned to wait until due time

Immaculate Heart of Mary, Saturday – 20th June 2020 — Gospel: Lk 2,41-51

Learned to wait until due time

The incident of the boy Jesus being left behind in the temple brings out for the second time Luke’s presentation of Mary “treasuring all these things in her heart” (2,19.51). This is another piece of awestricken puzzling mother who continues to wonder, “Who is this unique Son of Mine?” In the first reference made after her son’s birth, she did experience many things of her child as truly of God. From before pregnancy till the visit of the shepherds with an amazing story of angels, so much had happened and she was at the very center of it all. In fact Mary was tired, weary and exhausted as a person to experience hardships in a long trip, birth at stable, that no one could know the thoughts, emotions and experiences that filled her mind for nine months. At the same time, her wonder, amazement, and astounding reality was too much to talk about. She said nothing, only pondered in her heart what was happening.

In this second incident, all her concern and anxiety caused by Jesus’ absence now turns into frustration and anger. She scolds Jesus, perhaps gently in front of the teachers and those looking on, but her words are intended as a rebuke. At this time, Mary must have forgotten that Jesus was different from any other child. All the strange and wonderful things she was told and had seen were momentarily overshadowed by her frustration. As a simple and loving mother, she did spontaneously express her feelings of pain, along with her husband’s. However, Jesus’ response shifts the focus from His error to their own. He responds gently rebuking them with his questions and revealing his divine identity. There is no record to state that Mary and Joseph really grasped what was happening. But the incident ends with Mary, along with Joseph, once again perplexed at the events occurring in her life related to this child. If the memory of Jesus’ mysterious birth events had begun to fade in the minds of Mary and Joseph, this incident once again brings those mysteries vividly to their mind. In humble faith, she said nothing further, neither to her relatives nor to her neighbours, nor boasting in her Son and His uniqueness. She did learn to wait for that day, when the meaning of all this would become clear. Here she completely bowed unto God to use Jesus as He so willed. She trusted fully that God would reveal Him and His salvation to the world in due time.