29.06.2020 — Harmonious blending for the mission

Solemnity of Sts.Peter and Paul, Monday – 29th June 2020 — Gospel: Mt 16,13-19

Harmonious blending for the mission  

Today the Church honours the two great apostles of Rome: Peter and Paul. Jesus moved into the hearts of these two incredibly different personalities and transformed them. One had experienced him before his resurrection and the other after. Paul was highly educated, a strict follower of the law and at the top of Jewish society. Peter caught fish for a living.  They both were strong-willed and stubborn in character. They both would experience resisting Jesus so dramatically, that they would humbly know who they were for the rest of their lives. They both became passionate about sharing the news about Jesus; they knew the power of their message came from Jesus; and in Jesus’ name they fought against excluding others. Paul’s ministry complemented with Peter’s. Peter’s ministry was the solid rock which gave unity and universality to the Gospel wherever it was preached. Paul’s ministry was set out to preach that Gospel to the far corners of the world. In the end, they both died, like Jesus, under Roman law, their martyr blood inspiring the faith of the early Church. Their deep faith and trust in Jesus, gave them assurance that the Lord stood by them in all their journeys and endeavours and even in their martyrdom. Looking at them, it is amazing to find how God harmoniously blends different characters and social statuses as instruments of evangelization.