18.07.2020 — Foreshadow of Messianic age

15th Week in Ord. Time, Saturday – 18th July 2020 — Gospel: Mt 12,14-21

Foreshadow of Messianic age

Jesus’ teaching about the Sabbath expresses the Jewish belief that the Sabbath anticipates the messianic age. It is a foretaste of God’s kingdom, and anticipation in the present world of the world to come. The coming day of perfect peace, healing and joy is foreshadowed in God’s gift of the Sabbath. With Jesus the kingdom is at hand, as he brings the blessedness and wholeness that had long been associated with the Sabbath. Jesus is God’s servant of fulfillment, as proclaimed by the prophet Isaiah. He is the servant upon whom God has given his Spirit. His Spirit-empowered ministry is characterized by deeds of justice rather than inflammatory words. He will handle the weak ones, the injured reeds and the flickering wicks, with compassionate care. In this way he will bring about justice, not only to Israel but to the Gentiles throughout the earth.