20.07.2020 — Reversal Sign

16th Week in Ord. Time, Monday – 20th July 2020 — Gospel: Mt 12,38-42

Reversal Sign

The scribes and pharisees sought a sign from Jesus. To them Jesus gave the sign that he would be “in the heart of the earth” for three days and nights. Indeed, he went to the heart of the earth to save the souls. Usually, the three days count to his death and triumphant resurrection. Further, the phrase refers to the gentiles (People of Nineveh) who will rise up and condmen the Jews. What Jesus presents is the clear reversal of roles. Another sign that Jesus gave the Pharisees and scribes was the gentiles seeking wisdom from the “ends of the earth”. The scribes and Pharisees rejected Jesus’ wisdom outwardly, though they accepted him as ‘teacher’ explicitly. Here again the Jews will be condemned by the gentiles who are open to the teachings of Jesus. Both the judgements are on the scribes and Pharisees and it clearly manifests the reversal role.