22.07.2020 — Seek Jesus to find yourself

16th Week in Ord. Time, Wednesday – 22nd July 2020 — Gospel: Jn 20,1-2.11-18

Seek Jesus to find yourself

Everyone who loves Jesus leaves behind his or her old sinful ways and becomes a new person in Christ. Mary Magdalene was one such person, who discarded her old self and gained Christ through her desperate search. She had loved Jesus unconditionally and above all else. In Mary Magdalene’s post-resurrection encounter with Jesus, He made her realize her real self-worth as the daughter of God. In the process, Magdalene is converted and she discards her old self and puts on the new self, i.e., Jesus. When Jesus appeared to her personally, her love towards him was so intense that she was filled with great joy. In haste, she went and told all the disciples that she had seen the Lord. What a dramatic experience for Magdalene that brought her not only bountiful blessings, but made her an “apostle for His apostles.”  She constantly sought Jesus her lover and finally found herself as a priceless jewel in announcing the good news of His resurrection.