16.09.2020 — Neglected response

24th Week in Ord. Time, Wednesday – 16th September 2020 — Gospel:    Lk 7,31-35

Neglected response

Today’s Gospel bids us to respond to the invitation we receive. The simple parable of the children is an invitation to dance to the music or weep for the funeral. However, there are people who don’t respond to both. They looked down on those who invited them as children. Their pride kept them away from participating in any activity. In other words, you can’t please them no matter what you do, because they don’t want to perform to others’ tune. This is similar to the invitation of John and Jesus. John called for repentance outwardly and publicly. He drew great crowds who prepared their hearts for the Lord’s coming. Jesus too called for interior and individual conversion. He looked into the hearts and forgave their sins. The religious leaders, who were well versed in Scriptures, neglected them both. They didn’t want to respond favourably to anyone, but they wished to criticize them for their way of life. Jesus is aware of such people, who will never be pleased with others, because they are too self-centred in their views of life. But he has the guts to point out their lack of proper response.