15.10.2020 — Jesus, an Incarnation of the Wisdom of God

28th Week in Ord. Time, Thursday – 15th October 2020 — Gospel:             Lk 11,47-54

Jesus, an Incarnation of the Wisdom of God

In today’s gospel, Jesus refers to the “wisdom of God” (11,49). Here Jesus is not quoting any specific Scripture that holds divine authority, but rather is summarizing and personifying all of God’s wisdom as revealed through the prophets. However, scholars opine that “wisdom of God” undoubtedly meant Jesus himself. Since there is no book in the Old Testament bearing the title “Wisdom of God”. Jesus is called “the word of God” (Jn 1,1-14), because he is the medium by which God speaks or makes known his Will. He is called “the wisdom of God,” (1 Cor 1,24; Col 2,3) because by him God makes his wisdom known in creation (Col 1,13-18; allusion to Prov 8,22-31) and in redemption (1 Cor 1,30). Many have also thought that the Messiah was referred to in the Prov 8,1, under the name of wisdom.  Therefore it could be that Christ Jesus is intended here, who, as God, is the essential wisdom of God. As man and mediator, he has the spirit of wisdom resting on him, and the treasures of wisdom and knowledge hidden in him.