20.10.2020 — Master’s privileged Service

29th Week in Ord. Time, Tuesday – 20th October 2020 — Gospel: Lk 12,35-38

Master’s privileged Service

Through the parable of serving Master, Jesus promises “blessedness” for those who wait for his return (12,37-38). Even though he might come in the middle of the night, as unexpectedly as a thief; and if the servants wait expectedly for the Lord’s return, then the result will be a reward of “blessedness”.  The nature of that reward is absolutely astounding, for the master “will gird himself”. Jesus reverses the images of master and servant. This shocking reversal of roles reminds one of Jesus’ actions in the upper room in washing the disciples feet (Jn 13,4). The standard treatment of slaves is stated in Lk 17,7-10. In a culture, where serving is a demeaning task and one which is rejected, Jesus elevated service to a function of great privilege and honour. Jesus said that he came primarily to serve (Lk 22,27). He is a master who surprises with his generosity of service, and humility of love. Such an act seems inconsistent with Jesus’ role at his second coming. Since the Bible speaks of leadership as a form of service (Mk 10,42-45; 1 Pet 5,1-3), Jesus will continue to serve his servants in the far-off completion of God’s kingdom at his second coming.