27.10.2020 — Shade and Nourishment

30th Week in Ord. Time, Tuesday – 27th October 2020 — Gospel: Lk 13,18-21

Shade and Nourishment

Through the parables of the mustard seed and yeast, Jesus shows that in spite of small and seemingly insignificant beginnings, the gospel will prevail. Like a small mustard seed that will grow into a sapling and eventually into a tree where the birds can build their nests, the kingdom will develop and produce a place of shelter and life for all. Like a bit of yeast mixed in with the flour, the kingdom appears insignificant now, but will eventually expand and permeate the world. Although the kingdom appears deceptively impotent in its early phase, its inherent power presses it to grow, spread and transform God’s creation. Even though there is conflict and the task seems overwhelming, both the parables make the same point, that God’s purpose through Christ will triumph ultimately. The parable gives a hope that the participants of God’s kingdom will benefit from the life-giving aspects of the kingdom such as its shade, refreshment and nourishment. They must only trust in the way God is developing the kingdom in the world and the way they are used as instruments of God’s kingdom.