13.01.2021 — Being Refocused in His Mission

1st Week of Ordinary Time, Wednesday – 13th January 2021 — Gospel: Mark 1:29-39

Being Refocused in His Mission

As soon as Jesus cured Peter’s mother-in-law than the whole town showed up for healing or exorcism. His ministry was moving forward with great momentum and he was entering into the dynamic and busy period of public ministry. In this busy schedule Jesus quietly went away to a deserted people and prayed alone. He gathered up his whole person and turned himself to communion with God. This refreshed and renewed him to go ahead in the midst of unhealthy and enthusiastic crowds. It also helped him to discern God’s will and be focused in his principal mission, i.e., to proclaim God’s message in other towns of Galilee (1,38). With his invitation, “Let us go,” Jesus includes his disciples in that mission. Finally, Jesus was thoroughly convinced that his primary mission was to preach. So from place to place on an increasingly wider scale, he continues to teach the people and heal the sick. For now, he focuses his mission on the synagogue, where the Jewish people are already gathered to seek God in Scripture and prayer.