20.09.2021 — Respond to Illuminating Word

25th Week in Ord. Time, Monday – 20th September 2021 — Gospel: Lk 8,16-18

Respond to illuminating Word

The three proverbs appear to present the aspect of perseverance and the ongoing effect of the Word. If the lamp of faith is lit in a human life, it is not meant to be covered or hidden but to keep on shining and shed light. The first saying focuses on the missionary aspect of the Word. Jesus’ revelation is to enlighten everyone in the house and even those who enter the house from outside.  Luke repeats this saying later in his gospel to bring out the point that disciples need to purify their lives if they wish to see clearly and attract others to truth (Lk 11,33). The second saying refers to the revelatory power of Jesus’ words. The Letter to the Hebrews makes this point quite powerfully (Heb 4,12-13). This saying is also found in another context (12,11), where the word is used to encourage a disciple not to act out of fear. The third saying tells that the more we listen to Jesus’ word the more we will be attuned to hear it (Prov 9,9).  On the other hand, every time we fail to listen, it becomes harder to hear the next time (Prov 8,36). When persons have responded positively to the Word, God’s grace invades their lives ever more abundantly; an initial refusal cuts things off from the start.