26.11.2021 — New Era of Life

34thWeek in Ord. Time, Friday – 26th November 2021 — Gospel: Lk 21,29-33

New Era of Life

Jesus has used many images to describe the kingdom of God. Here he links the kingdom of God with himself and inaugurates the new era with his life. Therefore, he proclaims the kingdom with the parable of the fig tree that buds in summer. The summer symbolizes the new era and the budding are the signs of God’s kingdom found in Jesus. These signs will be very apparent. So don’t be obsessed with figuring out the “when”. Focus on living and knowing the kingdom of God now. How easily we are distracted with all that happens around us, yet how difficult it is to be aware of the kingdom. God alone can establish His reign and bring to fulfillment, what we need is to respond in faith. We need not bother about when the end will be.