14.01.2022 — Total Healing

1st Week of Ordinary Time, Friday – 14th January 2022 — Gospel: Mark 2:1-12

Total Healing

The scribes, who spent their lives studying Scripture, should have recalled the words of the prophets regarding the Messiah and realized that he was in their midst. Instead, they criticized Jesus and demanded to know about his right to forgive sins. Jesus brilliant response did three things: it established his authority to heal, to forgive sins, and to open for the scribes the Messiah. Mark’s emphasis on the authority to forgive sins is a proof that Jesus wanted total healing for the man rather than physical healing. Key to whole health is forgiveness of sins. He also brings out the point that Jesus has the authority like God to forgive sins. While the scribes refused to accept the Messiah, the crowds responded in amazement.