While he was at table in his house, 

many tax collectors and sinners sat with Jesus

 and his disciples; for there were many who followed him. Mk 2,15
Table fellowship reveals relationship.
Jesus sat at table with everyone.
His relationship was all inclusive.
His relationship had: 
  • no moral restrictions
  • no purity restrictions
  • no group restrictions
  • etc
Jesus was with a crowd of people (all inclusive)
and probably many of them (of various groups)
sat at table with him.
Jesus saw only people around him.
Scribes and Pharisees do not see people
rather they see sinners, tax-collectors etc.
They see groups of people
They see groups with names, identity, specifications,
distinctions, divisions etc.
Jesus tells us that relationship, fellowship should have 
no boundaries no restrictions.
When Jesus meets someone he sees the person in him
and not his identity, or the group he belongs to,
or his affiliation etc
If one looks at the identity, or affiliation then the 
person gets eclipsed. And he will become choosy,
group minded, narrow minded, etc
Jesus in me wants to see the person
but with my cultural, religious, social garb
I see the persons with caste, creed and colour.
Will the social, cultural, and religious EYE of mine be removed
and the EYE of Jesus be implanted.
God help me to see the people with my right (JESUS') EYE
and not with the wrong eye.