10.05.2022 — Season as Reason

4th week in Easter Time, Tuesday – 10th May 2022 — Gospel: Jn 10,22-30

Season as Reason

John’s Gospel is rich in providing signs to direct minds and hearts. Every word has meaning. “The feast of the dedication was taking place in Jerusalem. It was winter.” Winter symbolizes many things: cold and severe, waiting, end, death, a precursor to spring and its new life. Winter is commonly bad weather for this feast. The season is given as a reason why Jesus walked about in Solomon’s portico and not in the open air. The portico of Solomon was on the east side of the Temple and offered protection from the cold winds of the desert. The phrase “it was winter” means that hostile religious leaders are about to “corner” Jesus as He walks in the temple. Those who opposed Jesus gathered around him to debate and cause confusion among the crowds. Those who were not Jesus’ sheep were there to do battle. Jesus was walking about looking into the cold hearts of those who had come from distant lands.  In another sense, it also means that the long awaiting for the Messiah was coming to an end. Through the stormy weather, death would soon be defeated. The winter of Satan’s reign would soon pass into the spring of Jesus’ kingdom.