1205.2022 — Slave and Messenger

4th week in Easter Time, Thursday – 12th May 2022 — Gospel: Jn 13,16-20

Slave and Messenger

When Jesus said, “No slave is greater than his master nor any messenger greater than the one who sent him,” he warns his apostles of the threat of hostility. Through the washing of their feet, Jesus leaves no room for doubt that servants are not “greater than” their masters. Judas had already accepted the blood money in exchange for turning Jesus over to the authorities, but it was not too late for him to repent here. He did not. Perhaps Judas believed he was in control, able to twist events to his advantage without losing his place among his brother apostles. Judas soon realized that he was never in control but instead he became slave to Satan and his messenger of evil. God has given every person free will, but we fail for the lie that we are in control of our lives. Jesus taught his apostles that our acts of free will are subject to two choices: good or evil. If good, we follow Jesus’ example of humility and service for others; if evil, we become salve of Satan and his messenger.