"Quiet! Come out of him!"    Mark 1,25

The fight between the good and the evil continues.
This fight started at the creation, ' I will put enmity between you … Gen 1,15.,
continues and will continue till the end.
The evil always try to strike at the good 
but good can never be overcome by evil.
That is why St.Paul says "Overcome evil by doing good"  Rom 12,21
In the present story the fight is between Jesus the good, and the demon
which possessed a man.
Evil always tries to possess man and the nature and wants to take control of nature.
Evil wants to be the master of all.
But the good tries to redeem the man and th nature from the control of evil.
When the good commands the evil, the evil shows it power
by convulsing  him or challenging the good (Have you come to destroy us?)
Jesus silences the evil and commands the evil to get out of man.
This authority to silence and command evil is in good.
Only good can do it.
Do I possess or am I in the possession of GOOD (in God's power)
that I have the authority to silence and command evil.
Whenever I remove or destroy a particular evil 
I am in authority. 
Many do compromise good with evil.
We make the impossible possible 
we make the good and evil co-exist
at least externally…
Let us be good and be possessed by good 
so that we can overcome evil by being/doing good or on the side of GOOD