…and went according to his custom into the synagogue on the sabbath day. Lk 4,16
"Today this scripture passage is fulfilled in your hearing." Lk 4,21
Oftentimes, we do speak and think that Jesus changed everything.
He never did the same thing twice over.
He was ever so creative
so innovative
so different
that he was always new and changed everything.
But today we are told that it was his custom to go to the synogogue
regularly. We also know that he went to the temple often
not only on the day to cleanse the temple.
Jesus followed certain customs which were also 
in tune with the other people and 
jewish culture. 
But the newness that we find in Jesus, who was regular for 
his visit to the synagogue,
is that he could say that the scripture is fulfilled in him.
Almost all the jews were regular  for their visit to the synagogue
and so also was Jesus but no one seem to have said that
'today this passage is fulfilled in me'. 
Also Jesus (himself) does not claim in this story 
that all of the Old Testament was fulfilled in him
though we profess and believe.
He said that this passage is fulfilled in him.
We need to let certain passage of the Scripture be fulfilled in us.
It Could be a word (like that of Mary FIAT), or a sentence or a passage.
Let our customs/traditions be also creative and new.
The newness is in the WORD
Let the WORD be fulfilled in us thus
making us new, fresh and creative.
Because the WORD is ever so creative