The first day of the New Year always venerates Our Lady as the Mother of God. The Church desires that Our Lady journeys with her right through the whole year. We too pray to her saying ‘be with us Mary along the way’.

Mary, while she was on the earth has journeyed a lot and thus she becomes a model to us.

Ø She journeyed to Judea to meet her cousin Elizabeth
Ø She went to the Temple in Jerusalem to offer the Child Jesus in the Temple
Ø She journeyed to Jerusalem almost every year for the feast of Passover (with Jesus at the age of 12)
Ø She went to Egypt with Joseph and the child
Ø She traveled to Cana in Galilee
Ø She journeyed with Jesus during his ministry
Ø She was again with Jesus during his journey to Calvery
And so on.

So Mary knows the difficulties of our life of journey.

That is why we pray to her “Be with us Mary along he way and guide every step we take”

This is our prayer today as we begin this new year that she be with us during the journey this year and guides through every step that we take during this year. Her presence through her intercession and intervention (as in Cana) will take us all to meet her Son Jesus –Son of God and Son of Man.