22.09.2022 — Message cannot be Buried

25thWeek in Ord. Time, Thursday – 22nd September 2022 — Gospel: Lk 9,7-9

Message cannot be buried

Herod killed John hoping that the message would be buried with the messenger. However, the message lived on even more powerfully in and through Jesus and his disciples. Herod was insecure by thinking, if killing the messenger did not destroy the message, how could he ever escape? Herod was confused, for he thought John had come back to life. He realized that he will not find the answer without seeing Jesus for himself. So, he was seeking Jesus not just to see him but also to kill him (13,31). Finally, He was granted his wish towards the end of the gospel (23,7-12). Indeed, he was glad to see Jesus (23,8), and judges him to be innocent (23,15). Instead of learning from his experience with John the Baptist, once again Herod chose to be part of Jesus’ crucifixion. How much confused he must have been when the real news of Jesus’ resurrection reached him. However, from both instances, Herod must have realized that nothing of this world could prevent God’s message of salvation from being proclaimed.