24.11.2022 — Hold Your Heads High

34th Week in Ord. Time, Thursday – 24th November 2022 — Gospel: Lk 21,20-28

Hold Your Heads High

Today’s gospel has two parts: the first speaks about the prophecy of the destruction of the Holy City and the second predicts the cosmological signs which announce the coming of the Son of Man at the end of the world. When Luke wrote his gospel around the year 75 CE, the Romans had destroyed Jerusalem already. The evangelist than illustrates it as it had happened. However, the Parousia, the Second Coming of the Lord, had not taken place. Luke describes this in profoundly prophetic language. Between the second coming of Jesus and the end of the world, the Christians are told to wait; while they wait, they may suffer persecutions. When this happens the disciples are asked to hold their heads high, because their salvation has indeed come. The final proof and sign of redemption will be Jesus’ coming in glory. Until then, we must live in constant anticipation, as if every moment were as important as our last moment of life in this world.