25.01.2023 — Messengers of Hope

Conversion of St. Paul, Wednesday – 25th January 2023 — Gospel: Mark 16,15-18

Messengers of Hope

God acts powerfully in those who trust him. Paul exemplifies as a shining example of what God can do through someone who trusts in Him. After his conversion, Paul put his life totally in the hands of Christ and was not afraid to proclaim Him to everyone he met. Even though Paul faced many difficulties, his work produced enormous fruit and helped to extend the number of Christian communities. He pulled through his ministry, because he was anchored by the grace of Christ.

The world needs messengers of hope. Jesus Christ is this message that everyone needs vitally. He is the message that God loves each one deeply and personally. Christ is God’s message of Hope to man. Our world often looks for love in the wrong places, it needs to find the answer to its deepest desires in Christ. We are called like St. Paul to spread Christ’s love seriously and to become messengers of hope. We cannot wait until the circumstances are favourable, we must do whatever we can now. Our opportunity is now. St. Paul and the first apostles did not wait until all the circumstances were right before beginning their evangelization. As soon as Christ touched their lives, they began right away to spread God’s message of love, hope and salvation.  Like St. Paul we must feel that the fire of Christ’s love impels us (2 Cor 5,14) here and now.