09.02.2024 — Prophecy Foretold

5th Week in Ord. Time, Friday – 9th February 2024 – 1 Kgs 11,29-32; Mark 7,31-37

Prophecy Foretold

The first reading foretells the prophecy of Ahijah, through a symbolic gesture, regarding the tragic division of the kingdom of David and Solomon. It is a sign of decline and downfall of Solomon’s kingdom. When Ahijah encountered Jeroboam on the road, he tore his garment into twelve pieces and gave ten of them to Jeroboam, who was the officer in charge of forced labour in Solomon’s Kingdom (1 Kgs 11,28). This prophetic action foretold the day when Jeroboam would lead the ten northern tribes into rebellion and establish them as the kingdom of Israel. God’s splitting of the kingdom was a punishment for Solomon’s idolatry and sin.  Once again, we see that God is in control and can bring about division or destruction in earthly ruling. However, most of these are in response to how individuals put their trust in God.