27.02.2024 — Guided by God’s Word

2nd week in Lent, Tuesday – 27th February 2024 – Isaiah 1,10. 16-20; Mt 23,1-12

Guided by God’s Word

The first reading presents Isaiah’s attack on hypocrisy and a call for humility in the presence of God and in the presence of their brothers and sisters. He starts with strong words on his people and their rulers. He likens them to the sinful inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrah. He calls the leaders of God’s people “rulers of Sodom” and speaks of the people as “people of Gomorrah”. Sodom and Gomorrah were the epitome of all that was most evil and repellent to God. They are classic examples of sinful cities completely destroyed (Gen 13,13; 18,202-21). Isaiah addresses his countrymen as deserving no better than the corrupt citizens of those wicked cities. However, he also points out the way out of sin and to blessedness, i.e., to humbly listen and submit to God’s teaching. In this way, they could learn to do good and to cease from evil. God’s Word enlightens us and shows us where we have failed.  By paying attention to God’s Word, we will confront our lives with God’s revelation and with the holiness to which God calls everyone. We learn to do good by meditating on God’s Word, asking for his guidance to apply it in our lives, and seeking God’s strength to fulfill His Word.