14.01.2010 WITNESS

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 Then he said to him, "See that you tell no one anything, but go, 

show yourself to the priest and offer for your cleansing what Moses prescribed;
 that will be proof for them." Mk 1,44
It is interesting that Jesus asked the man not to tell anyone
but asked him to offer sacrifices as a witness(=proof).
For whom is the witness?
Who are they?
The witness seems to be only for the priests.
Why so?
Is it because the priests are unbelieving?
Or do they need more convincing then others?
Only the unbelieving need witnesses and proofs.
For, Jesus asked the man not to speak openly to the people.
But we know that the witness is to say that he is clean and healthy.
The witness is more for his wholeness than a proof for someone.
He (the healed person) is called to be witness in a sense a disciple.
For a disciple is the who bears witness.
Bearing witness in its turn means to die for.
Die for Jesus.
Could we say that Jesus asked not to speak about him (Jesus)
but rather die for him.
Again it is interesting that Jesus healed him to die for him.
Not immediately (die) but living his life.
That is, his daily living should show that Jesus has 
healed him.
So the healed person is asked not to go about talking about it
rather he is asked to bear witness life long until his death.
He stands as a witness that God has worked in him


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 Todays reading (Mk 1, 29-39) is action packed.

In this passage we see Jesus moving around 
the synagogue, home, villages and lonely place for prayer.
His actions are preaching, healing, chasing the demons out,
praying and moving around.
It looks that many days activities are telescoped by the author.
It is a summary statement about Jesus public ministry.
Jesus movements are oscillating between Synagogue to synagogue (vv. 29,39)
Todays activities begin in synagogue and end in synagogue (inclusive)
And the activities are preaching, healing and praying.
Except for praying, for the rest he is always with the people.
The four disciples Peter, Andrew, James and John are 
just observers. They do not seem to be doing anything.
Even they are not with him for prayer.
So prayer seems to be a personal activity.
(When you pray go to your inner room and having shut the door
pray to your father in heaven …)
– A model missionary life presented to the disciples
to learn and follow – consequently for us also
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