21.11.2019 — Rejected the King of Peace

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33rd Week in Ord. Time, Thursday – 21st November 2019 — Gospel: Lk 19,41-44

Rejected the King of Peace

Jesus’ tears over Jerusalem express his sadness, anger and frustration for the nation’s rejection of God’s message and his Messiah. Speaking like a prophet, he declares divine judgment upon the city for its failures to respond to his call to repentance. His lament is reminiscent of Jeremiah’s grief over the coming exile (Jer 6,6-7) or Isaiah’s declaration of the coming siege of Jerusalem (Is 29,1-4). Jerusalem, the city of peace, does not know what to do in order to secure its peace, for it did not acknowledge Jesus, the king of peace. The disastrous collapse of the city is the tragic consequence of rejecting the gospel’s message of peace and non-violence. Indeed, in 70 CE, the Romans destroyed the temple, broke down the city walls and burnt houses and buildings.

20.11.2019 — Be diligent and faithful

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33rd Week in Ord. Time, Wednesday – 20th November 2019 — Gospel: Lk 19,11-28

Be diligent and faithful

Jesus tells a memorable story to enlighten us about what we must do as stewards. When the nobleman returns as king, he summons his ten slaves to account for what they have gained on the money entrusted to them. The one who earned ten pounds is praised and put in charge of ten cities. The one who earned five pounds is also commended and given five cities to rule. But the one who hid his pound is severely rebuked. Though this person is clever in assessing others, esp. king’s character, who is severe and unjust, yet his excuses are ridiculous and exhibits his laziness and negligence. He failed to see God’s gifts as acts of his grace, extended to him in kindness, to be used in his service. We must be diligent and faithful with regard to our responsibilities. The parable is both a promise and a warning that Jesus will be gone for some time and that on his return he evaluates the stewardship of all. Until then, by being faithful in little things we should win the confidence of God.                

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