28.11.2020 — Admonitions for followers

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34th Week in Ord. Time, Saturday – 28th November 2020 — Gospel:  Lk 21,34-36

Admonitions for followers

In contrasting terms, Jesus reminds his followers the battle between good and evil. He once again exhorts his disciples to “be on guard” and to “be alert”. To “be on guard” is a recurrent warning (Lk 12,40.45; Mk 4,19; Mt 24,42-44) and is the major thrust of Jesus’ eschatological teachings, which means: 1) be ready; 2) be watching and 3) be active in my service. In order to be on guard, Jesus lists out three specific behaviours that will seriously impede our holiness: dissipation, drunkenness, and worries of this life. If we commit these faults rarely, even though we cut off ourselves from God, we can possibly return to establish our relationship with God with sincere repentance. If we repeat these sins insensibly that weakens the fear of God, hardens the conscience, forms evil attachments and habits, gives fresh strength to the temptations of the enemy of our salvation, nourishes and develops the passions. These specific evils cause the dullness of mind and heart that fail to grasp the signs and significance of Jesus’ coming. It is better therefore to follow Paul’s advice, who exhorts in similar terms, “be on your guard, stand firm in faith, be courageous, be strong” ( 1 Cor 16:13). 

27.11.2020 — Being alert to the Season

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34th Week in Ord. Time, Friday – 27th November 2020 — Gospel:  Lk 21,29-33

Being alert to the Season

Through the parable of the fig tree, Jesus links the kingdom of God with himself and inaugurates the new era. The parable heralds the coming of the Son of Man, calling the listener to have eyes to see the signs, and the good sense to be ready. This agricultural analogy serves as an observation and a warning. Jesus tells us to observe the many signs that indicate the arrival, the presence, and the power of the kingdom of God. These signs show the nearness of our redemption, and our Redeemer. He did not want his disciples to be ignorant of the approach of his return, as with unbelievers. The farmer recognizes the season by noting those evidences of its summer arrival. Likewise, the children of the kingdom should be alert to and aware of the “season” of Jesus’ return.

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