01.12.2021 — Model of Altruism

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1st Week of Advent, Wednesday – 1st December 2021– Gospel:  Mt 15,29-37

Model of Altruism

Jesus demonstrates in the Gospel the essential message of the kingdom of God not just in words, but also in action. Compassionately, Jesus first tends to those who are physically challenged from enjoying the blessings of the kingdom of God. He brings healing to the blind, lame, deaf, and dumb. Further, seeing the needs of the crowd Jesus shows God’s benevolence by feeding them in abundance. These narrative events in the gospel are an example of how Jesus came to share his abundant life with each of us. Jesus was such a charismatic person that people went away from his presence healed and filled. He gave the people a lesson in altruism or unselfishness by sharing with others everything He had and even the little food that his disciples had. His was a life of selflessness and service, a life of giving to everyone who was in need.

30.11.2021 — Compelling Invitation

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34th Week in Ord. Time, Tuesday – 30th November 2021 — Gospel:  Lk 21,1-4

Compelling Invitation

As Jesus begins his public ministry, He passes along the Sea of Galilee. He sees two sets of brothers who were in the business of casting nets into the water to gather in fish. In this story, Jesus takes the initiative and invites the first set of brothers, Simon and Andrew, to become His followers. Being aware of the symbolic nature of faith, Jesus sees that these casters of nets could be useful in throwing out the nets of salvation and hauling in people. His invitation is a promise to become “fishers of men”, a phrase probably used to link with their trade. Jesus’ invitation, “follow me,” is to participate in His saving works. Thus, the two become part of the twelve who would be called to be apostles (being sent). The response of these brothers is immediate, as they leave everything to follow Jesus. Although it is a risky act to leave their business and follow an unknown person, the fact is that the call of Jesus was compelling and they could not simply refuse. It also means that one is willing to accept the challenges in doing God’s work. At the same, it is an expression of trust in God, who directs according to His plan and who will never let us down.

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