23.03.2018 STONING

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The author is trying to prove to the readers the reason for the animosity that existed between Jesus and the Jews. Animosity reached the point of stoning Jesus. Jews stoned someone only when the crime done by the individual was very evident and there was no need for any further verification. Otherwise no one should be punished without proper hearing.

Through the words of Jesus the author says that Jesus was not stoned for his good deeds. The Jews also openly declare that they were not stoning him for his good deeds. They were stoning him for blasphemy: claiming to be God. Jesus’ proof for this is that he had the word of god in him (in fact he is the Word) and he has been consecrated by God. All his actions are the outcome of these truths. All his actions go to prove that he is from God and he has the word of God in him and he is consecrated by God.

யூதர்கள் அவர்மேல் கல்லெறிய வருவது அவரின் நற்செயல்களுக்காக அல்ல> மாறாக அவர் தன்னையே கடவுளாக்கிக் கொள்கிறார் என்பதற்காக. அதற்கு இயேசுவின் பதில்: செயல்கள் அவர் கடவுளிடமிருந்து வருகிறார் என்பதற்கும்@ இறைவார்த்தை அவரிடம் இருக்கிறது என்பதற்கும்@ தந்தையால் அவர் அர்ப்பணிக்கப்பட்டவர் என்பதற்கும் சாட்சிகள் தானே.

22.03.2018 ABRAHAM

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The Jews had such a great regard for Abraham and that they considered him to be the first and best for everything. He was the point of reference with regard to their religion and society. And it was so. He is the first historical person in the bible and he is the first one to have met God and made covenant with God and all their history flows from him. This Abraham faced death.

Jesus claimed that this Abraham wanted to see the day of Jesus. Not only that but also Jesus existed before Abraham. This they could not digest. Jesus claimed to be even before Abraham whereas Jews believed that Abraham was the first historical person. They saw things in human terms and in historical perspectives where as Jesus spoke in heavenly and in divine terms.

தந்தை ஆபிரகாம் தான் இஸ்ராயேல் வரலாற்றில் முதல்வர்> பெரியவர். சமுதாயத்திலும் சரி சமயத்திலும் சரி. ஆனால் அவர் இறந்தார். அவரைவிட பெரியவனாக தன்னை இயேசு கருதியதை அவர்களால் ஏற்றுகொள்ள முடியவில்லை. அதுமட்டுமல்ல ஆபிரகாமுக்கு முன்பே தான் இருந்ததாக சொல்வது அவர்களால் ஜீரணிக்க முடியவில்லை.

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